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Digitizing and Monetizing the Customer Experience at Reed Construction

As Bill Birck, CEO and Erik Haarstad, CFO embarked on their first strategic planning journey and captured the "Voice-of-the-Customer", they realized that to capture the growth opportunity they both felt existed, they needed to do 2 things:

  • Change the way they did business and depart from construction business norms

  • Upgrade their technology and digitize their business

Their "Voice-of-the-Customer" effort included nearly 40% of their recent clients about what was important to them, how Reed Construction was performing and how willing their clients were to recommend them. Clients rated Reed Construction "Better than the competition" on many critical areas - Quality of construction, responsiveness, cost management, schedule performance and job site management - but weren't as enthusiastic about the ease of doing business with Reed Construction or handling change order paperwork.

An assessment of the project management process identified that the communications and paperwork with both clients and subcontractors were manual, slow and had multiple revisions, creating back-and-forth communications and schedule delays that construction projects didn't need - and was a drag on the velocity of the business, their profitability and customer loyalty.

Digitizing the Business With DocuSign

The choice of how to digitize these interactions was a simple and easy one:

DocuSign quickly identified four use-cases that needed to be automated - and demonstrated the power of engaging both subcontractors and clients in the document review, approval and management process.

DocuSign was implemented with - quickly, affordably and effectively- for purchase orders contract approvals, change orders and final releases. After 6 months of implementation, users were surveyed to determine the impact of the new process and technology.

  • 67% of users felt the process was better than before - with only 2% feeling it was worse

  • The Customer Effort Score {CES) of the new process was 2.4, better than most companies in the 2013 benchmark by the Corporate Executive Board

  • Users were overwhelmingly positive on the improvements, stating "it was instant -no turnaround time", "much more convenient and timely-we are paperless now!" and "No need to wait on mail service - approvals and signing is extremely quick".

  • Users generated several new areas that they would be interested in automating and digitizing

User Feedback: New Process Is Much Better

Monetizing the New Customer Experience

Reed Construction was supported by Tucker & Company for the selection of DocuSign and the measurement of the user impact, customer loyalty and customer profitability. Tucker & Company is a DocuSign Partner and certified DocuSign workflow consultant.


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