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Accelerate your customer
experience transformation
with Tucker & Company

Customer experience can be complicated – We make it simple and profitable 

“We work with the biggest companies in the world to take complex challenges and design manageable efforts that deliver world-class customer experiences. We help you avoid the “potholes along the journey” to breakthrough results.


Check out our service capabilities below, in our case studies or schedule a complementary introductory meeting.”


​Customer Insights​

  • Qualitative research

  • Quantitative research

  • Voice-of-the-customer

  • UX insights

  • Persona development

Customer Experience

  • CX research

  • Journey mapping

  • NPS / eNPS benchmarking

  • CX/EX experience design

  • UX/DX experience design

Journey / Value Management

  • CX strategy / roadmap

  • “Connecting-the-dots”

  • CX business case / ROI

  • Journey management

  • XOS

Explore our capabilities

Customer Insights

Quantitative customer research

Quantitative Research provides structured data capture, rigorous analysis and comprehensive insights that C-Suites need for major decisions.  This can be In-the-Moment experience research or global post-purchase online customer / market research necessary for a full and complete picture of the customer experience and value opportunities.

Qualitative customer research

Qualitative research provides rapid and cost-effective insights across a wide variety of channels and customer touchpoint to guide improvement efforts.  Whether you are looking for online focus groups, shopper interviews, in-aisle image and video capture, facial expression analysis, or online journey tracking, we deliver insights quickly and on a global scale.


Digital experience design and delivery has never been more important than today and we capture the current experience so the on-brand experience can be deigned and measured for improved business results.  Online customer interviews, screen capture and passive tracking provides the balance of quantitative information and qualitative insights needed for a killer digital experience.

Persona development

Persona development is critical for user experience design and marketing campaign targeting.  We have decades of experience in developing personas based on qualitative research, so the insights are grounded in reality and have measurable impacts on campaign results that generate a strong ROI.  B2B persona linkage to decision-journey activities allows targeted messaging and content proven to improve win-loss rates.  Persona quant research identifies the revenue lift from targeting high-priority segments.

Voice of customer insights

We have developed, launched, reported and optimized VoC programs for dozens of companies across a variety of industries.  From VoC collection design, to survey development/deployment, identifying customer loyalty improvement opportunities, measuring competitive strengths and weaknesses, clarifying competitive differentiators and driving improvements – we help you deliver a complete “Voice-of-the-Customer” picture and an integrated set of improvement recommendations.


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Customer Experience
Customer Experience.jpg

Customer experience research

Customer Experience Research integrates qualitative and quantitative research elements to capture all the critical customer experience insights throughout their journey.  This is the foundation for the Journey Map development and prioritizing improvement areas as well as value identification.


Customer Journey mapping is a powerful tool for integrating the collective insights of customer research, organization knowledge and creating an end-to-end view of the customer experience that no other research method can provide.  Journey maps are an engaging way to onboard new employees, align customer-facing teams and use as a blueprint for product offerings, support policies and digital solutions.  Call us to take a peek at our library of journey maps to see for yourself.

NPS / eNPS measurement

Measuring and improving customer and employee loyalty is essential to a creating a customer-centric company and delivering breakthrough business results.  Our expertise in measuring NPS and monetizing improvements that deliver clear and measurable increases in revenue, profits, customer retention and loyalty is recognized as unique in the industry. 

CX / EX experience design

Forbes stated that “Customer Experience is the new brand” and being “on-brand” at each touchpoint of your customers experience is a challenging – but rewarding – goal.  We help assess the existing customer experience to create a baseline and generate on-brand improvements that deliver your value proposition and create competitive advantage – not to mention accelerated growth and profits.   

We use Design thinking tools for both Customer Experience Design as well as the Employee experience necessary to deliver the Customer experience

UX / DX experience design

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in 2020 digital experience design and delivery has never been more important than today.  Whether you deliver your services virtually and digitally, use click-and-collect, or delivered products, a well-designed digital experience is essential.  Learn how our online customer insights helps generate improvement options and align your digital efforts to have an immediate and measurable impact on your customer experience and business results.


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Journey / Value Management
Value Management.jpg

CX strategy / roadmap

Crafting a Customer Experience strategy and multi-year roadmap that has the right balance of early and sustained results, quick wins and systemic changes requires a good deal of art and science.  We have both – and the implementation experience ensure success as you encounter predictable challenges during the change.


The biggest challenge for many CX programs is “connecting-the-dots” from CX problems or improvements to CX metrics and business results.


Our proven “Connecting-the-Dots” approach identifies not only all the metric and result impacts, but impacts on employees and partners.

Business case

While 80% of companies have a customer experience strategy less than 1 in 10 have a business case that supports the investment needed to put it into action.  Learn how our proven “Connecting the dots to Business value” approach shows how CX improvements impact CX metrics, business KPI’s and deliver financial results that your CFO will be proud of.  Ask us about our set of CX improvement benchmarks:  Increased revenue, profits, retention, and loyalty.


XOS was introduced in 2024 through the book “Experience Rules” as an operating system to improve the execution and impact of CX & EX program.  Check out the model through the book or give us a call to discuss. 

Journey management

If the Journey Map is the “Blueprint”, then Journey Management is the “Construction and Operation of the building”. It is much bigger effort and where all the impact and results come from. 

Journey Management includes Governance Leadership, CX PMO, and CX Project implementation. Find out how we accelerate results and impacts. 


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Case study highlights

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