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Transform your CX vision into reality with expert guidance

Building the customer experience vision takes leadership and discipline

Creating a Customer Journey Map is just the start – the real work lies ahead.   If the Journey Map represents the “blueprint”, Journey Management entails the construction of the building. 

We assist CX leadership with coaching, journey management assistance and Program Management services that ensure enterprise alignment, on-time execution and satisfied customers. 



XOS was introduced in 2024 through the book “Experience Rules” as an operating system to improve the execution and impact of CX & EX program.  Check out the model through the book or give us a call to discuss. 

Journey management

If the Journey Map is the “Blueprint”, then Journey Management is the “Construction and Operation of the building”. It is much bigger effort and where all the impact and results come from. 


Journey Management includes Governance Leadership, CX PMO, and CX Project implementation. Find out how we accelerate results and impacts. 


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